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Started in 2019, this project explored the potential for artificial intelligence & machine learning (AIML) to be an active agent in facilitating neurodivergent perspectives and artmaking.
I investigated some key assumptions about how human intelligence is framed in AIML research such as formalized learning strategies, standardized measures of intelligence, and curative approaches in cognitive neuroscience.
This research has led me to examine the re-making of AIML systems to speak to neurodivergent experience outside of curative narratives in AIML discourse. As an act of defiance against remedy, I work within the theoretical system of AIML called artificial general intelligence (AGI). This type of AIML seeks to make machines with abilities, understandings, and behaviours identical to humans; as this idea only exists in theory, I view it as a fertile site for the exploration of neurodivergent understandings, knowledges, and learning strategies.
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