Erika Lincoln is an artist living in treaty 1 territory--the original lands of Anishinaabeg, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, and Dene peoples, and the homeland of the Métis Nation. Along the mississippi flyway, on the bed of glacial lake agassiz, at the northern limit of the monarch butterfly's migration, 300 km from the geographic centre of Turtle Island.           49° 53' 42.2772'' N 97° 8' 18.4236'' W.
Erika Lincoln is an electronic media artist whose practice involves a critical investigation into technological objects. She explores this subject to reconcile a problematic and perplexing human world engineered for abled bodies, abled perceptions, and abled cognitions which is at odds with her experience living with cognitive disabilities. She works primarily in interactive installation and includes drawing, sound, and sculptural kinetics as part of her approach. Informed by intersectional feminist theory, science studies, and critical disability studies she challenges the embedded knowledge and ideologies within technological objects and interrupts the control they assert on living things and environmental processes.
Erika’s artworks kinetically, visually & sonically break up a technological object into its parts and reconfigure them to function in unintended ways. She uses the techniques of circuit bending, critical engineering, and creative coding along with mark making, modeling, and assemblage to rearrange the objects structure to allow for errors, noise, and strange behaviours to emerge. The alternative interpretations, narratives, and/or behaviours resulting from this process are the desired outcome.
Erika sees every exhibition as an opportunity for collaboration between herself, the exhibition space, gallery staff, and the public. She manifests this process by creating artworks that use elements of automation, duration, and interaction. She constructs her artworks so that they can be configured in more than one way, time based to allow for material accumulations, or programmed to reveal emergent behaviours through viewer interaction. She incorporates these features into her artworks to emphasise that art is flexible, responsive, interconnected, and inseparable from the larger world.
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